Gallery of Myriam CHAFFIN Painter-sculptor

These models were carried out with glass shots coming from the four corners of the world. These creations are the result many hours of patience, passion and imagination. Each model is single from its color and its form what gives him its own personality and its originality. One of largest " the weeping willow " required approximately 14000 pearls, a third of kilometer of wire and 85 working hours. I also work on command for professionals, collectors or private individuals, in Bonsaïs, ornaments, jewels for the fashion... For any information to contact me with:

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Bonsaï and trees in glass shots

bonz1p.jpg (2903 octets) bonz2p.jpg (2903 octets) bonz3p.jpg (2903 octets) bonz4p.jpg (2903 octets) bonz5p.jpg (2903 octets) bonz6p.jpg (2903 octets)
Rosier diamant 25cm chêne tortueux 28cm/15000 perles Eclat de roses 37cm/15000 perles Pommier 18cm Vigne 16cm Bonsai japonais 16 à 20cm
éclat d'été 25cm Etoile de Venus 17cm Cytise 37cm Pommiers 11 à 17cm Orchidée 25cm Saule pleureur 37cm/14000 perles
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      Reve bleu 33cm Palmier 33cm